‘I Can Breathe’: Pro- and Anti-NYPD Rallies Clash Near City Hall


There were two big rallies outside City Hall in New York City today: one in support of the NYPD, and one protesting against it. And the two rallies ended up facing off, though the worst that happened was just some minor scuffles. No arrests have been reported.

Here are images from the scene, just to give you some idea how it played out:

Yes, that is an “I Can Breathe” shirt, a take on Eric Garner‘s last words that have struck many people as offensive, and no, he was not the only one to wear it:

The pro-NYPD rally was set up last week with the hashtag #ThankYouNYPD, intending to stand up for a police force they feel is being unfairly maligned. One of the attendees explained that they’re just “supporting law and order,” and he took this shot at the other protesters:

“You know what? We’re not going to block traffic. We’re going to follow the law. This is what happens when you have a government that runs amok and doesn’t represent the people.”

Meanwhile, the other rally was making calls to shut down the NYPD.

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[image via Jonathan Lemire]

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