comScore ‘I Was Disappointed’: VP Pence Carefully Responds to Question About Being ‘Misled’ by White House Over Flynn

‘I Was Disappointed’: VP Pence Carefully Responds to Question About Being ‘Misled’ by White House Over Flynn

While speaking alongside the NATO Security General in Brussels Monday, Vice President Mike Pence faced a question from the press regarding the events of impropriety that led to the resignation of former National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn.

Pence was asked directly by Ken Thomas of the Associated Press moments ago, “Do you feel like your were misled by members of the Trump administration or were you frustrated that you were left out of the loop on this situation, and what assurances have you received from President Trump that something like this will not happen again?”

The Vice President and former Indiana Governor was very careful in his response — answering very little of the original question — cautiously crafting the right words. He said:

Let me say I’m very grateful for the close working relationship I have with the President of the United States and I would tell you that I was disappointed to learn that the facts that have been conveyed to me by General Flynn were inaccurate.

Flynn allegedly provided the Vice President with incorrect information as it pertained to a series of phone calls made by Flynn to a Russian counterpart in December on the day that the Obama administration issued sanctions against the Kremlin for election interference. Pence appeared on Face The Nation to defend Flynn in January (he said at the time that the timing of the phone calls were “strictly coincidental“) and the Veep was not told about the Department of Justice’s warning of Flynn until February 9th, 15 days after the initial warning was issued.

Pence continued to say of Flynn Monday in Belgium, “We honor his longstanding service to the United States of America, and I support,” the decision to ask for Flynn’s resignation, he continued Monday.

“I have great confidence in the national security team moving forward,” Pence added in Brussels Monday.

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