‘I’m Not Sure I’d Call That Engaging’: Tapper Hits Back at Spicer Saying Trump’s Engaged With Press


Towards the end of an interview with RNC spokesman and incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, CNN anchor Jake Tapper teased Spicer over President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign mockery of Hillary Clinton’s avoidance of press conferences.

Following conversation about the alleged Russian hacking of DNC emails, which Spicer placed as much on the feet of the DNC’s lack of security as those hacking the emails, Tapper asked the RNC spox one final question about Trump’s lack of press conferences, highlighting that he hasn’t held one since late July and wondering if we’d see one before the inauguration.

Spicer noted that the incoming POTUS sat down with the New York Times for an extended interview and brought up Trump taking a handful of questions from reporters at Mar-a-Lago last night, all while complaining about the media “harping” on the subject. He then assured Tapper that Trump would indeed hold a presser in the middle of next month. (Previously, Trump had announced a news conference for earlier this month, only to cancel it.)

“I know you’re not inviting me to roll the clips of Donald Trump making fun of Hillary Clinton for not holding press conferences so I won’t do it,” the CNN host remarked.

Spicer took umbrage with this, and though Tapper had effectively ended the interview, the Trump aide shot back that Trump was more hitting Clinton on “not talking to the press” and then stated that the President-elect has “engaged with the press on the issues of the day.”

“OK, I’m not sure I’d call that engaging,” an unimpressed Tapper responded.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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