iPhone’s Siri Will Correct You if You Call Caitlyn Jenner ‘Bruce’


Now that Caitlyn Jenner has declared “I Am Cait,” it’s taking the world who knew her as “Bruce” a little while to get used to calling her by her chosen name. But someone knows her name and is ready to correct anyone who asks. If you have an Apple device with Siri, try asking it about “Bruce Jenner” and it will come back with a response referring to the Olympian as “Caitlyn.”

Apple apparently updated their software pretty quickly following Jenner’s reveal, thought it wouldn’t be like a company such as Apple to want to look behind the times or worse, intolerant. Though as Mic points out, it’s the software that Apple uses to keep Siri informed that’s updated. Wolphram Alpha has done a wide-ranging correction on its “computational knowledge engine” to reflect Jenner’s gender identity and it’s almost as if Bruce Jenner never existed. Google has made similar, though not quite as all-encompassing.

So, that’s also a pretty good way of telling the world about how to refer to the transgender community since nothing exists unless it exists online, right?

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