Is Drudge Changing His Mind About Climate Change?

Hmm, is Drudge warming up to the idea of climate change? After spending last month heralding the leaked Climategate emails and the subsequent uproar over the Copenhagen summit, Drudge has been devoting some significant space to extreme weather conditions taking place around the globe. So much so he’s devoted the entire upper left section to it!

Is this Drudge’s subtle (possibly inadvertent) way of telling his readers there might be something to this whole climate change thing? Extreme cold (which the Northeast is being paralyzed with at the moment) is as much a sign of climate change as extreme heat. Last fall Drudge was accused of affecting the value of the U.S. dollar after relentlessly posting headlines about its declining value. So who’s to say the same thing isn’t happening here. Of course, the theory slices both ways: plenty of climate skeptics think cold weather is further evidence that climate change is a ruse, so it’s entirely possible (entirely likely many regular readers will argue!) that Drudge is merely playing both sides against the middle.

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