ISIS Mocks Obama: ‘Did You Prepare Enough Diapers for Your Soldiers?’

In a new video released by the Sunni insurgent group ISIS, a jihadist taunts America and President Barack Obama for enabling the terrorist group to gain prominence in Iraq and Syria.

The video is entitled “The End of Sykes-Picot,” referring to the (then) secret 1916 agreement that cleaved the Ottoman Empire into spheres of British and French control, regions ISIS seeks to reunify in an Islamic caliphate.

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In the fifteen minute clip, ISIS member Abu Saffiya toured various sites ISIS had captured, taunting the west’s inefficacy in building a sustainable Iraq. “Look how much America spends to fight jihadists, and it all ends up in our pockets,” he said, showing off American vehicles ISIS had seized. “You want to cooperate with America? Look how far it got you.” He also sneered at Iraq’s army, finding patches from uniforms abandoned by soldiers the U.S. trained. “They are nothing but cowards. They only run away.”

Toward the end of the video, another insurgent drove up in a pickup truck. “A question for Obama,” he posed to the camera. “Did you prepare enough diapers for your soldiers or not?”

Watch the video below:

[Image via screengrab]

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