comScore ‘It Has Been a Really Tough Day’: Hannity Speaks About Death of Former Co-Host Alan Colmes

‘It Has Been a Really Tough Day’: Hannity Speaks About Death of Former Co-Host Alan Colmes


Sean Hannity called into America’s Newsroom on Thursday morning, where he told Bill Hemmer how devastated he was about the passing of his colleague Alan Colmes.

Fox announced Colmes’s death today, and Hannity narrated a video montage where the network highlighted Colmes years of achievements as a commentator and broadcaster. Colmes was the liberal foil to Hannity during their old show “Hannity & Colmes,” so Hannity decided to talk about their shared history as well as his personal grief.

“It’s like a part of me left today. It has been a really tough day,” Hannity said. “I know a lot of people remember us from our political disagreements, but what they may not know is he was not only a guy with the greatest sense of humor but a guy that had a human level of decency and love and kindness and humor. One of the funniest guys I ever met.”

Hannity went on to praise Colmes’s dedication to his work,  to offer his thoughts and condolences to the mourning family, and to take a moment to revel in the friendship the two men shared. Hannity also talked about how he reacted when he found out Colmes was dying, and how he hopes Colmes will be remembered.

“I want people to know this was a good man with a great, huge heart…I have a hole in my heart today,” Hannity said. “The world is a little darker place today because a really great human being left us.”

Hannity also posted a photo of himself with Colmes on his Twitter account:

Various Fox News personalities and other media figures have also gone on social media to express their sorrow for the loss of Colmes.

Watch above, via Fox.

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