UPDATE: Ranking Of Jan Brewer’s Book Up Over 1,350,000% On

Want to sell a book? Get into a heated discussion with the President. It worked for Arizona governor Jan Brewer. Sales of her book Scorpions for Breakfast have gone up a whopping 150,398over 1,350,000 percent on over the past 24 hours — going from 285,568 to 21!

You’ll recall that President Obama is upset over a passage from the book which characterized his attitude towards Brewer as being patronizing during a 2010 meeting at the White House. When he told Brewer as such last night on an Arizona tarmac, the two became embroiled in a discussion. Reporters snapped a photo of Brewer wagging her finger at the President and, lo, history was made.

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Brewer later characterized Obama as “thin-skinned” for his reaction to the book.

Predictably, the review section of the book is getting political. One five-star review notes that it’s “so good Obama was pissed off.” A one-star review was titled, simply, “Crap.” You can get your own copy of the book here, on

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