Twitter Roasts Don Jr. After He ‘Takes Half’ of His Kid’s Candy to Mock Liberals


Donald Trump Jr. decided to celebrate Halloween this year by teaching the internet some Trump Parenting 101 in which he used his child as a political prop to own the libs of Twitter.

His classic holiday gag involved taking half of his daughter Chloe’s candy and giving it away to “some kid who sat at home.” While Donald Jr will probably not follow-through on this ridiculous idea, that didn’t stop him from posting a picture of his daughter on Twitter:

The mockery that ensued was almost as funny as Donald Jr’s failed attempt at critiquing socialism — after all, as many pointed out, the candy his daughter received throughout the night was given to her for free. And in the beleaguered mind of Donald Jr, free equals socialism.

The roasting of Donald Jr and his parenting style made for a holiday classic, as pundits, journalists, and shitposters teamed up to rag-on the first son:

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