Jeb Bush Gives Candid Interview on Daughter’s Battles with Drug Addiction


One personal subject that Jeb Bush doesn’t usually talk about is the struggle his family went through as his daughter Noelle dealt with drug addiction as a teenager. During an interview on his campaign bus, Bush opened up about how “she went through hell,” and the toll that it had on his family life and as governor of Florida.

As he spoke with The Huffington Post for their latest installment of 16 and President, Bush opened the discussion by talking about an email he got from a woman who sent him a scathing email accusing him of calling for an open border that would facilitate the national drug problem that claimed her son’s life.

“You’re wrong,” Bush said, “and she was like, ‘no I’m not. Basically, fuck you.'”

After meeting the woman in Massachusetts, Bush explained, he talked with her about the struggles he witnessed, and the “shared bond” they now have from how he almost saw his daughter go the same way. Bush expressed thankfulness that his daughter has been clean for years, but admitted her struggles were agonizing for himself and his wife, Columba.

“It was in a private setting, but then it became very public when I was governor. And it wasn’t easy,” Bush said. “I went to visit her in jail. I never expected to see my beautiful daughter in jail.”

Bush said it “wasn’t easy,” but in the end it helped him learn how to sense the struggles behind the faces of those he’s met on the campaign trail.

Bush’s interview comes on the heels of a recent speech by Chris Christie, whose moving town hall discussions on addiction has made waves across the internet.

Watch above, via HuffPost.

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