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‘Culture of Dependency’: Emails Show Falcons Spent Nearly Three Times as Much on Prescription Drugs as Other Teams

Trump: Clinton’s Getting ‘Pumped Up’ for Debate, Maybe There Should Be a Drug Test

Current Heavyweight Boxing Champion Tyson Fury Admits to Suicidal Thoughts, ‘Lots of Cocaine’ Use

Alabama Football Player Caught With Weed Points Finger at ‘Brandon Chicken’

Gov. Paul Lepage Says ‘The Enemy’ Are Black and Hispanic, and ‘You Shoot at the Enemy’

Doc Gooden Angrily Denies Darryl Strawberry’s Claims That He’s ‘A Complete Junkie-Addict’

Ricky Williams: I was ‘Smoked Under The Bus’ by Willie Nelson

NFL Star Checks Into Rehab After Initially Denying Appearance in Weed Smoking Periscope Video

Stephen A. Smith on Cowboys’ Drug Problems: ‘An Embarrassment Of The Highest Order’

Brazilian Drug Dealers Using Olympic Logo to Sell Cocaine

Undercovered: The Other ‘Legal’ Drug Epidemic

Undercovered: Why Does the Death Rate for Middle-Aged American Women Continue to Rise?

800-Yard Drug Tunnel With Elevator and Lighting Found Linking United States to Mexico

More States Want to Give Food Stamps, Benefits to Drug Felons

Starstruck Cops Reportedly Covered for Zac Brown After Finding Him at Hotel Drug Bust

Shocker: Maine Gov. Admits His Racist Comment Was About ‘Black Dealers’

Jeb Exploits Daughter’s Drug Struggles for Campaign Ad

Maine Governor Defends Drug-Dealer Comments: I Never Said They Were Black!

Jeb Bush Gives Candid Interview on Daughter’s Battles with Drug Addiction

Christie Relays Emotional Anecdotes on Drug Addiction: ‘There But for the Grace of God’

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