Jeb Bush Weighs in on the Remaining 2016 Candidates: ‘I Can’t Vote For Either of Them’


It’s a tough position to be in if you’re the former Florida Governor staring down the barrel of a gun in the 2016 general election. After all, you’re the only member of your family to seek the Presidency with disastrous results and the “chaos candidate” who beat you handedly has basically been your sworn enemy for the last year.

So when Jeb Bush was pressed by former GOP strategist Nicolle Wallace about who he would be voting, he doubled down on assertions he has previously alluded to: neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump would earn his vote.

“I feel like your decision to not vote leaves me without a Northern light,” admitted Wallace, who has worked for various Bush family members in the past. “How did you arrive at the decision not to vote?”

“Well, I’ve watched history unfold with kind of a front row seat,” said the former Governor. “The simple fact is there’s a threshold past which anybody who steps in the Oval Office must go past. And I don’t think either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump go past that threshold.”

Bush continued:

“…in terms of temperament, character, trustworthiness, integrity; so what do you do? If you believe like I do that the Presidency is sacred ground and you want a President who upholds the Constitution — and I don’t think either of the candidates fulfill that primary kind of objective — then I can’t vote for either one of them.”

Things are so strange in the 2016 cycle that Jeb Bush even cited the third party rise of Gary Johnson and William Weld in the Libertarian party as a viable option, though cautioned, “They don’t get much airtime yet.” He fell short of issuing his support for the live-and-let-live ticket, however.

“I’ve reached my conclusion after deep thought and prayer on this,” he concluded to Wallace.

Watch the above clip from MSNBC.

J.D. Durkin (@jiveDurkey) is an editorial producer and columnist at Mediaite.
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