Jeb Rolls Out Dramatic Anti-Hillary Video in Time For CNBC Debate


The Republican candidates are set to take the stage and duke it out on CNBC tonight for the third GOP debate. Just in time for the debate, which many expect to be a win-or-go-home scenario for some establishment candidates, Jeb Bush’s team rolled out a new cinematic video called “Failed Agenda”.

It has nothing to do with Bush taking potshots at his fellow GOP opponents, however; after all, a balanced attack through the campaign season must feature a fair share of blows both inner-party and across the aisle. “Failed Agenda”, released on YouTube, takes square aim at the proposed policies of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary is not a moderate” is a boldly underlined statement in the video, and the campaign takes care to highlight the sound grabs of Clinton linking herself to the policies of President Barack Obama’s administration. Predictably, the Clinton-dreaded “third term” talking point/accusation is trudged through the mud as well. Bush’s first speech in the ad begins as follows:

“I reject the pessimism of the left that thinks that we need to become more dependent on government. We’ve had six full years of tax increases, endless new regulations, vast new Federal programs, and eight trillion dollars borrowed and spent.”

With all of the stylings and emotion typically reserved for ESPN highlight packages of quarterbacks taking the field at the Super Bowl, “Failed Agenda” shows clips of Jeb Bush approaching the stage in slow motion. The video also plays to the business climate of our nation; it should come as no surprise that the CNBC Debate Wednesday night is expected to focus on job creation and the economic sector.

The dramatic crescendo builds to Bush’s ultimate take: “I know how to do this.” You can find out viewing information to live-stream tonight’s debate here.

Check out the “Failed Agenda” video from Jeb 2016, Inc.

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