Jerry Falwell Jr. Tweeted About Jeff Sessions and the Internet Responded by Ruining Him: ‘You’re an Unapologetic Hack’


On Thursday morning, President of Liberty University Jerry Falwell Jr. weighed in on the character and fate of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was the subject of intense pressure from President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

Trump wants Sessions to get rid of his Robert Mueller problem, and although Trump’s attorneys were quick to say he was just spleen-venting, it was obvious that Trump was applying genuine pressure; pressure echoed by surrogate Newt Gingrich later in the day.

And by Falwell Jr. this morning, who ripped Sessions as a “phony” who couldn’t draw a crowd at his university the night before election day 2016.

Here is the tweet.

Look. At. That. RATIO.

And now, the ruining (in no particular order):

The outburst from Falwell Jr. could have been inspired by another Jr.:

Speaking of quids and quos…


Also interesting that no one, anywhere, seemed to feel overly compelled to defend Sessions himself. That guy just can’t catch a break from any side. Can’t imagine why. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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