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Jesse James Breaks Silence To ABC News: “I Wanted To Get Caught”

While Sandra Bullock took her story to People magazine last month – and revealed she would divorce Jesse James after his infidelity came to light, and also had adopted a baby boy – her husband went to ABC News for his first comments on the matter.

ABC is taking its time rolling out the big get, with the first clip released today.

Vicki Mabrey conducted the exclusive interview for Nightline, but Mabrey was on Good Morning America to preview the sit-down today with a two-minute clip. She’ll be back on tomorrow with more of the interview, and then it airs in full tomorrow night on Nightline. For those Lost fans, you got a preview during the finale, as promos aired last night as they have throughout the weekend.

As for the content, James was remorseful. “The last person I would ever want to harm is her, and the kids,” he said.

Mabrey seemed to keep his feet to the fire. “That’s the million dollar question: you had the perfect life, you had the perfect wife. why did you throw it away?”

Said James:

I don’t know. During the midst of all it, when I was doing it, one, I knew it was horrible, it made me feel horrible and two I knew I would get caught eventually and I think I wanted to get caught.

Mabrey said James “knows 100% that she’s going to divorce him,” but wanted to speak out now to clear the air on a few other side stories, like those Nazi photos. Also from the story, we know “at one point in the interview, James teared up and asked Mabrey for a moment to collect himself.

ABC is getting a lot of mileage out of this exclusive, as any network would. The ratings for Nightline could be huge tomorrow, as the crossover appeal of the story – the People magazine crowd as well as news junkies – will tune in in droves. This comes as the program continues to tighten the gap with first place Jay Leno in the late-night race.

Here’s today’s GMA preview:

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