Jim Acosta and Sean Hannity Continue Twitter Beefing: Acosta’s Book Sales Are ‘Garbage’; Hannity Has No ‘Guts’

In yet another round of a media beef nobody asked for, Fox News’ Sean Hannity threw a gratuitous shot at the book sales of CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta, who promptly challenged the machismo of Hannity for the second time in as many weeks.

In a tweet on Thursday morning, ostensibly about conservative talk show host Mark Levin‘s new book, Hannity found enough characters to mock “#FakeNewsAcosta” and his “garbage” book sales.

Hours later, Acosta quote tweeted Hannity, mocking the latter’s habit of wearing reading glasses on air and claiming he didn’t have the “guts” to host Acosta on his show, all while employing his own not-a-real-thing hashtag: “#fauxmachoman.”

Acosta and Hannity have been beefing for more than a week, ever since Acosta taunted Hannity and his fellow Fox News primetime host, Tucker Carlson, as being guilty of “fauxmacho man bullshit for not confronting him in person about their media criticisms of his coverage. Hannity fired back on Twitter, saying Acosta was “BEGGING” to come on his show and adding, apparently without any intended irony: “Sorry, I wont subject my audience to conspiracy theory fake news.”

On Tuesday, Acosta responded, accusing Hannity of getting his talking points directly from the White House and saying Hannity and Carlson were too cowardly to “meet me on the schoolyard.”

Screenshots via CNN, Fox News. Montage by Mediaite.

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