CNN’s Acosta Says He Saw Tucker and Hannity But They Didn’t Even Try Him: ‘Fauxmacho Man Bullsh*t’


After Fox News host Sean Hannity attacked CNN’s Jim Acosta in several segments on his show this week, the White House correspondent responded by sharing an excerpt of his book on Twitter that he claims exposes Hannity’s “fauxmacho man bullshit.”

“Hearing Sean Hannity is taking some shots at me over my book,” Acosta tweeted this morning. “Two things Sean… #1 I offered to come on your show and talk about the book and you guys declined. Sad! #2 you’re in the book. It was that time you had a chance to say something to my face but didn’t. Enjoy!”

Acosta’s book, titled, The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America, was released earlier this week and included the following graf about Hannity and Tucker Carlson finally seeing the CNN correspondent in person — after months of criticizing his reporting on-air — but purportedly still avoided him:

“Before long, we boarded the press buses for the main event, the Trump-Putin joint news conference. As I set foot on the bus, I immediately spotted two of my biggest critics: Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, Trump’s chief propagandists at Fox, were seated on the bus, too. And you know what? After all their attacks on me during their prime-time “state TV” programs, they didn’t say a word to me. You’d think they would have had something to say to my face, but their fauxmacho man bullshit, as it turns out, seems to stop at the doors at the Fox News headquarters.”

UPDATE: Hannity responds

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