John Brennan Rips Trump’s Stream of ‘Paranoia’ and Lies: ‘So Corrosive On Our Country’

John Brennan went on the offensive on Friday, ripping into President Donald Trump over all of his recent claims surrounding “SpyGate.”

The former CIA director was on Morning Joe today to talk about his recent column in which  he blasted Trump for the lies, narcissism and unethical behavior that he believes will degrade the U.S. presidency in the long run. Brennan has been acerbic in his previous commentary on Trump, and he argued that it’s necessary to deal with all of the troubling anomalies of Trump’s presidency.

Brennan was asked if the CIA had any connection to the FBI’s alleged “spying” against Trump’s campaign in 2016. He dismissed the president’s claims as “paranoia” and “insecurity” as he keeps trying to discredit the Justice Department’s investigation into a foreign power’s effect on the election.

“Certainly his tweets do not seem like they’re coming from a person of innocence and confidence,” Brennan said. “Make no mistake about it, I think the American justice system is going to prevail in this endeavor to get to the bottom of who might have been collaborating and working with foreign actors to try to undermine the integrity of the election.”

Eventually, Brennan bemoaned how “people make things up out of whole cloth” by coming up with “fabrications” to spread disinformation on why federal investigators wanted to keep an eye on Trump’s campaign. He particularly objected to the notions that he spread the infamous Steele dossier around.

“I think it shows that Mr. Trump with his continued emphasis on lying and fabrication and untruths, falsehood, it just feeds this and it encourages others to do it. This is, I think, what is so corrosive on our country and our government today.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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