John Kelly Reportedly Talked About Getting Jared and Ivanka Out of the White House


Earlier this week, a new Vanity Fair report looked at John Kelly‘s West Wing crackdown and, in particular, how he’s been shrinking the responsibilities of Jared Kushner.

One Republican said that “Kelly has clipped his wings.”

Well, today there’s a new report in The New York Times about how “the do-whatever-you-want stage of Mr. Kushner’s tenure is over.”

In fact, the report starts out with details of a conversation between Kushner and Kelly’s predecessor:

At a senior staff meeting early in President Trump’s tenure, Reince Priebus, then the White House chief of staff, posed a simple question to Jared Kushner: What would his newly created Office of American Innovation do?

Mr. Kushner brushed him off, according to people privy to the exchange. Given that he and his top lieutenants were paid little or nothing, Mr. Kushner asked, “What do you care?” He emphasized his point with an expletive.

“O.K.,” Mr. Priebus replied. “You do whatever you want.”

Kelly, as the Times reports, has been telling Kushner he needs to operate within the White House chain of command.

And apparently, three advisers to President Trump said Kelly has even gone so far as to talk about “the possibility of Mr. Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump, departing the West Wing by the end of the year.”

Kelly actually spoke to the Times yesterday denying this report, saying, “There was honestly never a time when I contemplated getting rid of Jared and Ivanka.”

There is one tidbit in the report saying there was an idea circulating that if Nikki Haley replaces Rex Tillerson at State, Ivanka could replace Haley as U.N. ambassador, but people close to the President claim “they never heard that discussed internally.”

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