John Stamos Is Very Angry at a HuffPost Blogger for Trashing Full House

On the off chance you were sitting around wondering, “Hey, what’s Uncle Jesse up to these days?” the answer is crouching on his Facebook feed defending the dignity of Full House from bloggers.

Huffington Post blogger Annelia Alex argued in a listicle a few days ago that shows like Full House were “dumb TV” that had “distorted my expectations of reality.”

John Stamos wasn’t going to stand for that, writing on his Facebook wall:

Alex, who probably didn’t see that coming, responded:

My first reaction was surprise because I didn’t know that John Stamos was still a media presence. I called my mom and she informed me, “Oh yes. He does Greek yogurt commercials now, which makes sense because he is Greek and handsome.”

Dang. Let’s try to remember better times, people:

[h/t US Weekly]

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