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Jon Stewart Evaluates The Market Value Of John McCain’s Soul

Almost every media personality with a platform to talk about it (excepting the Fox News crew) reacted to John McCain‘s epiphany that he is not and was never a maverick as if it were a personal insult to their intelligence. After scraping his “brain off the ceiling,”  Jon Stewart realized this didn’t mean McCain had sold his soul– it’s lost too much value as currency to be sold at this point.

There was never any doubt in Stewart’s mind that McCain had, at some point in time, sold his soul, but the anchor had kept the faith that “maybe he was shaving little slivers of his soul off for money” and ultimately kept about “51% of his soul.” The montage of issues McCain has flip-flopped on during his political career indicate that Stewart was being more than generous with that estimate. The “maverick” comment, however, was more than any profitable soul could bare– “at that point youre just printing your soul on Zimbabwe dollars.”

Watch Stewart complete his market evaluation of McCain’s soul below:

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