Kellyanne Conway Slams CNN for Interviewing Flood Victims, Then Praises Fox News for it


After a CNN interview of a mother at a Houston shelter went awry, counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway slammed the network for sticking a “mike” in her face. However, when Fox News did nearly the exact same thing by interviewing a recently rescued mother and child, Conway praised the TV network and called their segment “beautiful” — just roughly half an hour after blasting CNN for theirs.

Between the two, the CNN segment certainly went worse, as the interview subject dropped an f-bomb on live television and criticized the reporter for “putting a microphone in my face!”

However, when compared to the Fox News interview that Conway praised, the two are extremely similar. Both exchanges focus on recently rescued flood victims, both interviewees are with their children, and both are clearly emotionally distraught — the CNN subject just responds with anger, while the Fox News subject responds with flowing tears.

The irony of Conway’s choice in media criticism and praise was not lost on Twitter users:

Some people at CNN reacted too:

Interestingly, Conway is scheduled to appear on Fox News tonight.

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