Kirsten Gillibrand Asked if She’d Support Nuking the Filibuster: ‘Yeah, I’ll Think About It’


Democratic presidential candidate and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand said that as president, she would consider pushing a Democratic Senate to nuke the filibuster in order to pass policies like Medicare for All or a Green New Deal.

Gillibrand was interviewed Tuesday by former Obama speechwriter and Pod Save America host Jon Favreau, who asked whether she would support ending the 60-vote threshold if she were elected president.

“As president, would you push hopefully majority leader Chuck Schumer to get rid of the filibuster so you could pass something like Medicare for All or a Green New deal?” Favreau asked.

“The filibuster is mostly gone now, so it barely exists,” Gillibrand said, explaining that Republicans have already nuked the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees.

“I’m not afraid of it either way,” Gillibrand said.

“So you would be open to getting rid of it for something big like Medicare for All?” Favreau asked.

“I don’t think we should have gotten rid of it for the Supreme Court justices, because they’re lifetime appointments, and I do think you should be able to earn at least 60 votes,” Gillibrand said, adding “but yeah, I’ll think about it. I believe I can work well under either system, because if you don’t have 60 votes yet it just means you haven’t done enough advocacy and you need to work a lot harder.”

Donald Trump has also pushed for the end of the legislative filibuster since taking office, but complained when Democrats ended judicial filibusters when they were in the majority.

Watch the full interview above, with the relevant portion beginning at the 21:30 mark.

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