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Kirsten Gillibrand

Kellyanne Conway Says Sen. Gillibrand, Who Was First Elected in ’06, ‘Protected’ Clinton During Impeachment

Kirsten Gillibrand Calls on GOP to Give Back Steve Wynn Donations: ‘Silence is Deafening’

WATCH: Joy Behar Confronts Kirsten Gillibrand About Al Franken on The View

Mika Brzezinski, Kathy Griffin, and More Reflect on Being Trump Twitter Targets

Joe and Mika Hit Gillibrand for 180 on Clinton Allegations: ‘She Has to Deal With Her Clinton Issue’

CNN Panel Rips Trump Over Fight With Gillibrand: He Has ‘Misogyny in His DNA’

Joe Biden Rips Trump on The View for ‘Disgusting’ Tweet About Gillibrand

CNN Panel Goes Off on Jack Kingston for Saying Trump Gillibrand Tweet Wasn’t Sexist

Mika Brzezinski Tweets #SupportForSarah to Convince Press Sec to Do ‘The Right Thing’ for Women

Sanders Mocks Critics of Trump’s Gillibrand Tweet: ‘Only if Your Mind is in the Gutter’

Chuck Schumer Defends Kirsten Gillibrand, Rips Trump for ‘Nasty’ Tweet

Gretchen Carlson Rips Trump’s ‘Despicable’ Gillibrand Tweet: ‘Absolutely Disgusting’

Elizabeth Warren Hits Trump Trying to ‘Slut-Shame’ Gillibrand: ‘Good Luck With That’

Sen. Gillibrand Hits Back at Trump Tweet: ‘Sexist Smear Attempting to Silence My Voice’

Kirsten Gillibrand Aide: Ivanka Present at One Time Meeting with Trump in 2010

Twitter Blasts Trump for ‘Scurrilous’ Attack on Gillibrand: ‘President Pig’

Mika: Trump’s ‘Disgusting’ Tweet Suggests Gillibrand ‘Would Have Sex’ for Campaign Donations

Trump Slams ‘Flunky’ Kirsten Gillibrand: Used to Beg for Donations, ‘Would Do Anything For Them’

Sen. Gillibrand Calls for Trump to Resign Over Sex Misconduct Allegations: ‘Congress Should Have Hearings’

AVALANCHE: Democratic Senators Turn on Al Franken After Latest Allegations

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