Kirsten Gillibrand

2020 Dems Endorse Violating Due Process for US Citizens With ‘No Fly, No Buy’ for Guns

Kirsten Gillibrand Defends Response to Sexual Harassment Claim: We Did a ‘Professional and Thorough Investigation’

Iowa Voter Has Zero Interest in Gilllibrand Campaign Speech: ‘I’m Just Trying to Get Some Ranch’

Kirsten Gillibrand Follows Beto’s Lead: If Locals Say it Makes Sense, ‘I Could Support’ Tearing Down Existing Walls

Kirsten Gillibrand Knocked Beto as Selfish for Not Spreading Fundraising Surplus Around, Sources Tell WSJ

Kirsten Gillibrand Asked if She’d Support Nuking the Filibuster: ‘Yeah, I’ll Think About It’

Kirsten Gillibrand to Run for Office as a Younger, More Relatable Hillary Clinton

BREAKING: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Announces She’s Running for President on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show

Kirsten Gillibrand Reportedly Set to Announce 2020 Exploratory Committee on Colbert

Kirsten Gillibrand on Trump: ‘I’m Not Afraid of His Nasty Language’

Kirsten Gillibrand Kicks Off Media Blitz on Colbert: I’m Giving 2020 Bid a ‘Long, Hard Thought’

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Blames ‘The Greed’ of Gun Manufacturers, NRA For Congress Not Passing Gun Laws

Gillibrand Rails Against Fox News on MSNBC: ‘Trying to Confuse Voters’ About Kavanaugh

Kirsten Gillibrand Delivers Passionate Defense of Christine Ford: ‘She’s Asking for Basic Fairness’

Kirsten Gillibrand Rebukes George Soros for Anger Towards Her Over Franken: ‘That’s On Him’

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: Abolishing ICE Should Be One of the First Things Dems Do After Taking Congress

Judge Jeanine Pirro Warns of the Rise of Socialism: ‘Socialists Want What You Have’

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Calls to Abolish ICE

Pro-Trump Rev. Jeffress Invokes Bible to Defend Immigration Policy: ‘God Instituted Government to Maintain Order’

In Rare Interview, George Soros Criticizes Gillibrand: Pushed Franken to Resign ‘To Improve Her Chances’

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