LA Mayor Mocked For Posting AWESOME Vid of Exploding Watermelon to Warn Against Fireworks


It’s almost the Fourth of July — so for the next 36 hours, the American public is bound to see a lot of PSAs on how to stay safe while watching or setting up a fireworks display. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is doing his part to encourage people to take precautions — though his efforts might’ve…well…backfired.

For the last few days, Garcetti has been working with the LAPD to remind local residents that fireworks are illegal in the city and should be left up to the pros.

In his PSA, Garcetti sets off a small firework (roughly the size of a stick of gum) inside of a watermelon. The resulting video is as awesome as you’d expect:

Unfortunately, despite Garcetti’s good intentions, it seems his safety warnings could fall on deaf ears. If the Twitter reactions to his video are any indication, people aren’t thinking about proper safety measures because they’re too distracted by the exploding watermelon:

Watch above.

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