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At Least 29 Dead, Dozens Injured in Explosion at Mexico Fireworks Market (UPDATED)

Hillary Clinton Reportedly Canceled Fireworks Display for Election Night

NY Post Reveals Hillary Clinton’s ‘Triumphal Celebration’ of Fireworks on Election Night in NYC

Worried About Attacks at NYC Fireworks Shows? Fox Shows Why You Shouldn’t Be

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Here Are the Fireworks Laws for Each American State

Celebrate the American Right to Be Dumb with These Crazy Fireworks Fails

Gov’t Firework Safety Video is Both Hilarious and Terrifying

Celebrate the American Right to Be Dumb with These Crazy Fireworks Fails

Here’s a Weird ’90s Gov’t Demo on How Not to Kill Yourself with Fireworks

WATCH: Massive Fireworks Display Shoots Into Crowd, Injures 28 People

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