Late Night Hosts Forced to Ditch Planned Segments After ‘Batsh*t Crazy’ Press Conference From ‘Hurricane Trump’


More than one late night show on television Thursday night made it a point to reveal that President Donald Trump‘s unexpected press conference forced the writing staffs to abandon their previously planned segments altogether.

On NBC, Late Night host Seth Meyers opened up his Closer Look segment by admitting that the signature desk bit of the show — which is usually prepped the night before — had to essentially be fully scraped when it became clear that Trump’s remarks were nothing ordinary.

“At 1 p.m. today, we had a draft about Republican attempts to repeal Obamacare, that we felt good about,” Meyers told his audience Thursday night. “And then Donald Trump held what can only be described as a batsh*t crazy press conference that rendered this script completely meaningless.”

Meyers exaggerated his point by producing a paper shredder, where the show’s script about Obamacare repeal and replace efforts met its demise to the sounds of a cheering audience.

“Bye dead jokes,” he said, before devoting the Closer Look segment to tackling the presser itself.

Meanwhile on Comedy Central, The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah opened up his program with a similar admission to his own crowd: Trump’s presser from the East Room of the White House meant that the planned show had to be essentially scraped.

“Let me tell you what happened to us today,” Noah said. “We had a really nice show planned for you. Very civil, very calm. And then, in the middle of the day, Hurricane Trump happened again.”

The Daily Show then proceeded to air its own segment taking down Trump’s press conference, which Noah said, “If you can’t trust your President to get the correct information on a Google-able fact, then can you really trust him with the harder stuff?”

Even Stephen Colbert of the CBS Late Show called attention to the fact the the timing of the show’s taping ran up very close to the end of the presser itself. Colbert told the Ed Sullivan Theater crowd Thursday afternoon, “It just happened actually; we’re recording this in the early afternoon, it literally just finished. What I’m saying is: this is fresh.” He then continued, “It must be fresh because you can smell it.”

Watch the above segment from NBC and Comedy Central.

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