Laura Bush: Michelle Obama Is Ready to Exit the White House

With more than two years left to go, is Michelle Obama ready to be a former first lady? Laura Bush seems to think so.

The Washington Post has a profile on the busy post-White House life of Bush, a former first lady herself, in which she says she “could tell” Obama is thinking about leaving her current role behind.

The Post interviewed Bush after she and Obama made a joint appearance at the Kennedy Center in early August.

From the Post, emphasis added:

Nearly six years removed from Washington, it’s not hard to picture Laura Bush and her friends dancing the night away in Dallas.

On the stage with Michelle Obama at the Kennedy Center, that same levity is evident. Obama is still constrained by her role. The current first lady may be celebrated by pop culture in a way Laura Bush never was — as a force in the fashion industry and vaunted guest on late-night television talk shows. But Bush is experiencing a freedom that she can sense the current first lady longing for.

“Mrs. Obama, I could tell, was thinking about what it would be like for her, and I remember when I first came home I said, ‘I didn’t realize I was under so much stress when I lived at the White House,’ ” Bush says.

“I remember those first few weeks at home I would get in bed at night and think, ‘Oh, now what do I have to do tomorrow?’ And then I would take this deep breath and think — ‘I don’t have to do anything tomorrow.’ It was sort of nice, but it’s still great to be able to work on the issues that were important to us, and we’ll do that for the rest of our lives.”

[Photo via White House]

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