Liberal Host Cenk Uygur Explains Why Bernie Sanders Isn’t Corrupted By Big Money He Takes


Earlier this week, a group of animal rights protesters rushed the stage at a Bernie Sanders rally because, they argue, the money Sanders has taken from the agriculture industry makes him a “stooge” for Agribusiness, despite Sanders’ near-immaculate voting scorecard from the Humane Society. As part of a lengthy interview with vociferous Bernie Sanders supporter and host of The Young Turks Cenk Uygur, I asked for his reaction to the activists’ treatment by the Secret Service, who swooped in and beat at least one of the protesters, and to Sanders’ response.

Uygur expressed sympathy with the activists’ cause, but not with their methods or choice of target:

They have such a good cause, because what happens in those giant animal farms is so grotesque, oftentimes. But then they go and ruin it with, like, the worst PR ever. They’re always, not just bringing attention to their cause, but doing it in a way that makes people root against them.

Since the effect on campaign contributions has been so central to Bernie Sanders’ argument against Hillary Clinton, despite being unwilling or unable to give examples where campaign contributions changed her positions, I asked Cenk how that accusation differs from the activists’ claim that Sanders is an agribusiness stooge because he’s taken now almost half a million dollars in large (over $200.00) contributions from the sector in 2016 (Hillary Clinton has received $759,804.00 from the sector).

Cenk explained that he does feel concern about any politician taking large amounts of money, but cited Bernie’s 97% voting record, and explained why Bernie is unwilling to give examples of Hillary changing positions for cash:

It’s because he’s too damn polite. He’s running a totally Queensberry Rules campaign. And it’s hilarious that people think he’s being too tough on Hillary Clinton. He won’t even say the most obvious things, of course she was corrupted in the bankruptcy bill, of course she’s been corrupted that she’s against Glass-Steagall. I’m saying that money, by its nature, corrupts.

Hillary Clinton, it should be noted, says she supported a version of the bankruptcy bill in order to see amendments that she favored enacted, in much the same way that Bernie Sanders explains his vote for the crime bill that he now attacks Hillary Clinton over.

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