Liberal Media More Stunned That Hillary Lost, than Donald Won


hillary clintonDonald Trump did what neither Mitt Romney and John McCain could, he got elected president. Liberal mainstream media and its cabal of pundits and pollsters got it dead wrong. Ah, yet they still haven’t learned their lesson. Rather than congratulating Trump on his “stunning upset,” as the New York Times headlined it, the Liberal media, namely CNN, is mourning Hillary’s stunning loss. Proof positive of the rigged, broken system.

For months, this arrogant cadre of elite liberals — bolstered by some equally know-nothing elite Republicans — mocked Trump supporters, calling them idiots…and repeatedly sounded the death knell for his campaign.

Trump turned the politics upside down, with his clear message that any American — regardless of pedigree and education — could understand. Finally, Americans tuned out the media elite, fired them for all intents and purposes, and voted their conscience.

Pollsters grossly undercounted Trump supporters and Hillary’s failings.

Their inadequate polls predicted Hillary would win by a landslide. Instead, Hillary incurred an embarrassing — if not (deservedly) humiliating — loss of a lifetime. All the celebrities…the powerful and crooked Democratic National Committee…President Barack Obama…and his wife couldn’t convince the American people to vote for a fraud and a phony. Even Obama’s racist rhetoric, calling Trump a Klan sympathizer to get blacks to vote for Hillary, failed.

She was so convinced she’d win, that she refused to face the American people when she went down like the biggest loser on election night. The problem with Hillary Clinton is that she always puts herself first. As Secretary of State, it was about her private server, hiding from accountability, hoarding power — and money. Her self-serving political career caught up with her. Americans decided they were sick and tired of the Clintons.

Even more absurd than the liberal media and Republican establishment’s faulty conclusions about Trump are the excuses liberals are concocting as to why Hillary lost.

One black liberal commentator told me the problem was that Hillary was playing a game of chess — while Trump played checkers. Hillary’s know-it-all, holier-than-thou devotee women (who wore pant suits to the polls…adorable!) allege this election was about misogyny, and the fact that white women who are dependent on white men for their livelihood voted against their best interest by supporting Trump. Ludicrous. Yet, these same feminazis had no problem with Hillary being dependent on her philandering husband Bill Clinton — for political power. The fact is that many women don’t like Hillary Clinton and they never have.

The excuse-making doesn’t end there. CNN’s Van Jones said the election of Donald Trump was evidence of a ‘white lash.’ As outlandish as Jones sounded, he was partly right. After eight years of the first black president doing anything but bringing the country together, white people were fed up with being told they were a racist lot whose lives didn’t matter. Trump won largely because he energized the shrinking portion of America’s electorate: white voters. But he also performed better with blacks and Hispanics than anyone ever expected he would (or than Mitt Romney did).

As a black Republican, I do worry that the GOP will see Trump’s victory as a confirmation that the party can rely solely on the white vote to be in the White House. Guys, this would be a bad supposition, as the nation’s population is getting browner — not whiter.

Hillary lost the election and decided to give her concession speech the following day for personal convenience — because she was so shell-shocked. Well, I say, “Man up, woman. Make your concession speech when a male loser would do it: 3 am.”

She wanted a man’s job; but it’s clear she couldn’t handle it. We’re all tired, especially Hillary’s supporters who stayed up all night for her. She owed them that one last thing. But nay, she procrastinated…and procrastinated…and as of 11:30 am, she still hadn’t begun talking.

Such hypocrisy given the outrage she feigned when, during the final debate, Trump joked that he wouldn’t commit to honoring the results of the election.

Seems the entitled doyenne just did that very thing, and in grand fashion. Hillary’s a rich, arrogant, elite sore loser. What a way to go down. CNN’s Anderson Cooper mused if this election meant the end of the Clinton era.

After 30 years of being a career politician, and enriching her bank account and her foundation in the process, Hillary thought she was entitled to the presidency. But she counted the votes before they were in.

Glass ceiling? Gimme a break. Get it?

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Crystal Wright is author of the newly released book Con Job: How Democrats Gave Us Crime, Sanctuary Cities, Abortion Profiteering, and Racial Division. By day, Crystal is a communications consultant and editor and publisher of the blog Conservative Black Chick.

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