Limbaugh Defends Cain By Reminding Us That, Hey, Sometimes Women Lie About Sexual Harassment

Rush Defends Cain By Reminding Us That, Hey, Sometimes Women Lie About Harassment

Over the past few days, we have gone through seemingly every possible angle on the Herman Cain sexual harassment settlements. Was it leaked by the Perry campaign? Are liberals racist for discussing it? Whose blacks are better? But, fortunately, we have Rush Limbaugh to point out any sides of the story that aren’t getting enough discussion. Today he did just that by reminding us all that, hey, sometimes women who accuse men of sexual harassment are just total liars.

After pointing out that he remembers the “heady days” when “the feminazis” began teaching the world about sexual harassment (or using it as a “political tool” as he puts it), he Limbaugh explained what we’ve all been forgetting:

“Isn’t it possible that Herman Cain is just an innocent, honest guy trying to answer these questions as best he can with the limited knowledge that he’s got? I remember when this stuff all came up, we were told women never lie about this stuff. Remember that too? ‘Women never lie about it.’ And how many instances are there of women making it up? We were told children never lie about it but they do too.”

Huh. I really hope Limbaugh didn’t bring up children because he knows something we don’t…

Anyway, it’s an interesting theory. For more of Rush Limbaugh’s thoughts on women, feel free to read this, this, or this.

Watch the clip below:

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