Limbaugh: Everything ‘Pop Culture People’ Love ‘Will Be More Expensive Under ObamaCare’

Wednesday afternoon, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh took one step further Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter‘s claim that ObamaCare will result in increased pizza prices. “All of the things they love will be more expensive under ObamaCare,” he said, specifically addressing “pop culture people” who enjoy various luxury goods.

“What a smart way to say it,” Limbaugh said of Schnatter’s warning. “Your pizza is going to get more expensive. Now that might matter to people.”

Limbaugh then suggested the Mitt Romney campaign should adopt a similar strategy when explaining the perceived negative effects of the Affordable Care Act. “That might actually reach the people who need to be reached,” he said.

“It’s like telling them, ‘You know what, your Netflix bill is going to go up 20-percent because of ObamaCare,'” Limbaugh suggested. “You want to cause a panic? Next you tell them they’re going to start charging you to watch E! Entertainment to pay for ObamaCare.”

“And then you go out, and then you tell them movie tickets are going to go up by five bucks because of ObamaCare,” he continued. “One of the ways to get the pop culture people [read: young people?] is tell them how ObamaCare is going to make all of the things they love more expensive.”

Listen below, via Rush Limbaugh:

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