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Limbaugh: Hillary’s Message to Viral Gay Youth ‘Phony as It Gets’

PicMonkey Collage - LimbaughOver the weekend, a photo from Humans of New York showing a gay teenager holding is head with the description “I’m afraid about what my future” saw a viral online spread. The photo eventually reached Hillary Clinton, who posted a reassuring message on Facebook, saying those who identify with the boy in the photo will “surprise yourself with what you are capable of.”

Enter Rush Limbaugh, who speculated that because of Clinton’s complicated relationship with the press and public relations in the past, the message is probably “phony” political ploy.

Limbaugh first touched on the subject by asking about the likelihood that a photo-journalist would be wandering around New York, finding a crying gay teen that made him think “this could be a story, and that Clinton would “ride to the rescue” so soon after the photo went online. “Where the Clintons are concerned, there are no coincidences,” said Limbaugh, “and I feel very confident and safe speculating that this whole thing is as phony as it gets.

Limbaugh went on to say that it was “a little too convenient” that of all the gay teen pictures Clinton could send a personal message to, it was one that reminded him of a boy who was prominently seen at LGBT pride events. “You know who the kid looks like? The kid looks like the kid that was in the gay pride parade last week- picture showed his mom proudly had him out there dressed up in some kind of rainbow colored drag queen get-up with a Roman crown of whatever on his head. This kid looks exactly like that kid.

Listen to the segment here:

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