Limbaugh: If GOP Needs To Embrace ‘Amnesty’ To ‘Prove They Don’t Hate Hispanics,’ Then ‘What’s Next?’


In response to Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) assertion that passing the so-called “Gang of Eight” immigration reforms would put the Republican Party “back in good graces” with Hispanic voters, Rush Limbaugh asked what’s next? Will Republicans be forced to support gay marriage, he asked, in order to make gay voters like them?

Over the weekend, Sen. Graham spoke out in favor of the current reform proposals, saying that not passing what critics have rebuked as “amnesty” would result in a “death spiral” for the Republican Party. “I want to take that line of thinking and expand upon it,” Limbaugh said this afternoon. “If one of the main reasons for passing the Gang of Eight immigration bill is so Republicans can prove that they don’t hate Hispanics, then what’s next? Are the Republicans going to have to support gay marriage to prove that they don’t hate gays?”

“Are the Republicans then going to have to support affirmative action to prove they don’t hate blacks?” he continued. “And then are they going to have to support legalization of marijuana and forgiving student loans to prove they don’t hate college kids? And so on.”

He mocked: “It’s very difficult, folks, to out-liberal a liberal.”

So what is the logic, then, behind Graham’s belief that the GOP needs to embrace “amnesty” in order to avoid a demographic tidal wave? Limbaugh believes it boils down to “being worried about what people think of you.” The radio host labeled it an “ingenious trick” on the part of the media to perpetuate this worry among Republicans, forcing the party to become more and more like the Democrats.

“The Democrats lose elections,” he added.”They don’t win every election. And when they lose elections, they lose elections because conservatives vote against them, Republicans vote against them. Why don’t they ever say, ‘Why do these Republicans hate us?'”

Listen to the segment below, as clipped by MofoPolitics:

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