Limbaugh: Media, Liberal Activists Ginning Up ‘Polar Vortex’ to Sell Global Warming ‘Hoax’

Rush Limbaugh isn’t buying into the “polar vortex” term being used in the media to describe the extreme cold all over the country right now, saying it’s just a hyperbole and a way for liberals to “attach this to the global warming agenda.” He mocked the environmentalist warnings that the ice is melting at the North Pole, because of what’s happening right now, and took note of the climate scientists whose ship got stuck near the South Pole.

He mocked the media coverage of the “vortex,” saying that the entire game is to make this sound “new and unprecedented” so blame entirely goes to humans, “particularly Republicans.” Limbaugh charged that global warming activists are continuing to push this as polls show people don’t really think global warming is a top priority on a list of their biggest issues.

He called out a Daily Beast column explaining this and saying “isn’t science neat?” by mockingly declaring, “if you can rewrite the laws of atmospherics to suit your political agenda, I guess science is neat.”

Listen to the audio below, via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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