Limbaugh Slams Liberals: Where’s The Wikileaks With Obama’s Birth Certificate?

Rush Limbaugh sure knows how to get under the skin of liberals.  Discussing Julian Assange and the embarassing WikiLeaks information already revealed, Rush challenged Assange to produce the really good stuff, the stuff Rush knows would be impossible since it does not really exist:

Where are the WikiLeaks documents to prove 9/11 was an inside job by George Bush and Dick Cheney? Let me ask you liberals, where are these cables? . . .  Produce all this stuff that you kooks believe.  Where are the documents to prove Bush intentionally lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in order to invade the country . . .  Where’s all this good stuff? . . . Where is Obama’s birth certificate?

Throwing Obama’s birth certificate into the mix is clearly for comedic effect, but since many in the drive-by media (Rush’s term) will view this as an actual claim that the real birth certificate is a document that cannot be produced, Rush will have another one of his “Daily Media Tweeks” to enjoy on his next show.  Rush better be careful for what he wishes though since Assange’s alleged “poison pill” could possibly answer any of these questions and prove what Rush thought to be impossible.

Check out the clip from The Rush Limbaugh Show below:

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