comScore Limbaugh: ‘Sometimes, Terrorists Come Straight From the Democrat Party’ & ‘American Left’

Limbaugh: ‘Sometimes, Terrorists Come Straight From the Democrat Party’ & ‘American Left’

This past weekend, it was reported that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was physically assaulted at his own home by his next-door neighbor. It was later revealed that Paul sustained far more serious injuries than first reported as he has five broken ribs and bruised lungs. Meanwhile, the assailant — 59-year-old Rene Boucher — was charged with fourth-degree assault and earlier today his attorney released a statement stating the altercation was over something trivial and wasn’t related to politics. Further reporting indicates it could have been related to a property dispute.

During his radio program today, conservative talk host Rush Limbaugh decided to use the Paul assault as a segue to claim that Democrats and liberals were terrorists. Stating that Paul was attacked by his “leftist neighbor,” Limbaugh then brought up the recent mass shooting in Texas, the NYC terrorist attack, and reports that employees of the EPA have received threats.

“Now, folks, is it any wonder that Republicans might be a little skittish?” Limbaugh noted. “Above and beyond their fear already of the media, which of course is not a fear of violence against them. It’s a fear of being destroyed in the media if they dare stand up for what they believe in.”

He went on to say that the “left is encouraging this kind of activity” while invoking recent protests in Ferguson and Baltimore. “All of this is applauded, and in the driveby media, while it may not all be applauded, it is certainly treated with respect,” Limbaugh added.

And then, yep, he just straight up called them terrorists.

“And I’m just going to tell you, terrorists do not always just come from Uzbekistan,” he said. “They don’t just come from Afghanistan. They don’t just come from Al Qaeda. Sometimes, terrorists come straight from the Democrat party, straight from the American left.”

Listen to the clip above, via Media Matters.

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