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Live: Jodi Arias Takes The Stand For Cross-Examination In Her Murder Trial (Day 10)

Today, Jodi Arias, the admitted Arizona killer of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, takes the stand to resume the cross-examination portion of her murder trial.

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On her first day of testimony, Arias admitted to the killing Alexander in 2008, but under the claim of self-defense. She has repeatedly maintained that defense, despite originally telling police a variety of other stories, pre-trial. Last week’s testimony saw the playing of a phone sex call between Arias and Alexander. The cross-examination is expected to be tough, asking interrogative questions about Arias’ relationship with her victim Alexander.

If convicted for Alexander’s murder, Arias faces the death penalty.

(ICYMI: Testimony included the audio from an incredibly NSFW phone sex tape.)

Watch the live stream below:

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