Local GOP Leader Has Racist Meltdown While Trying to Troll Media Matters


So, here’s what we know to be true:

  1. A man named Robert Morrow was elected to be the chair of the Travis County GOP in Texas.
  2. The Travis County GOP doesn’t like hates him and many locals can’t stand him, either; he got 54% of the vote. (The article linked here is titled, “Travis County GOP Apoplectic Over New Chairman,” for instance. In response to the views expressed in that article, he said to the Texas Tribune, “Tell them they can go fuck themselves.”)
  3. Morrow (who looks just like Jim Bob Duggar, for the record) wrote a book with Roger Stone.
  4. There is a Twitter account that is run by someone who goes by Robert Morrow that, despite not having a verified check mark, really, really looks like it belongs to him. In fact, we have written about it here at Mediaite.
  5. The Twitter account is the reason other members of the Travis County GOP have vowed to “explore every single option that exists, whether it be persuading him to resign, trying to force him to resign, constraining his power, removing his ability to spend money or resisting any attempt for him to access data or our social media account,” and voted to keep the finances and social media accounts for the group way away from Morrow.
  6. If it really is him running that account — which everyone in the TCGOP thinks it is — he is a huge conspiracy theorist and an even bigger fan of, um, in his own words, “Big Tittttttttties!”



Now that you know the framework for the story at hand, let’s dig in. Media Matters for America compiled a list of the 50+ times he’s used the N-word on Twitter. In response, Morrow has been having a total meltdown and tweeting the word at Media Matters all day.




His entire account, in general, is totally unhinged and it’s clear that he manually searches his own name constantly:

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 2.04.07 PM

Interestingly, he moved on to Media Matters after he got done going after Gawker’s Jezebel and their senior reporter, Anna Merlan, for calling him a “small-time dick” in March. He interpreted it to be an insult to his penis and had a small fit on Twitter, though he seems to be completely focused on Media Matters now.

The rest of his Twitter is just full of photos of women that he has captioned with some variation on “big, jiggly titties” and conspiracy theories. You can click over there yourself if, for some reason, you have an interest in watching this unfold. He truly does not stop tweeting.

Travis County, which includes Austin, is in for a very interesting two years under this man, who, as of press time, has not yet changed his Twitter avatar to an actual photo of himself. Instead, it is still a depiction of hentai similar to the display photo you’d expect to have been chosen by that boy who sat alone in the cafeteria trying to teach himself Japanese in high school.

[image via screengrab]

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