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Logan Paul Records Family in Car Accident at Yosemite in Latest YouTube Vlog

Imagine this: you’ve just experienced a car crash with your family in the woods. You step out of the vehicle, feeling the ground beneath you like never before, as blood courses through your veins. You are in a state of absolute shock and adrenaline.

Then, all of a sudden, YouTube sensation Logan Paul comes running up to you, camera in hand, taping your worst day ever.

That appears to be what happened to a beautiful family, who coincidentally and tragically happened to be traveling through Yosemite National Park at the same time as Paul, who regularly tapes every waking moment of his life for a pre-teen fan base of millions of followers. In the YouTube star’s latest vlog posted Thursday, he just so happened to witness a car crash during his travels — so, naturally, he recorded the whole thing.

“Yo, what the fuck!” Paul screams in the video as he runs throughout the scene of the crash, putting the camera on a family of victims who appeared to have had their van t-boned by a pickup truck. Instead of calling a park ranger for help or putting down his camera to aid the family, he recorded them while asking if they were okay.

After filming for what appeared to be just a few minutes, Paul and his friends returned to the water where they had previously been rafting on kayaks.

This isn’t the first time the YouTuber has filmed controversial scenes in a seemingly desperate attempt for shock value (and page views). Paul filmed a hanging body in a Japanese forest known for its high suicide rate. He’s also recorded disturbing footage of himself shocking a rat with a taser, which led to his advertisements on the platform being pulled.

Fortunately, nobody appeared to have been seriously injured in the crash at Yosemite National Park. Otherwise, they would have had Paul as their immediate first aid. He and his friends later returned to the scene in his video, at which a point a ranger was assisting the family and overseeing the situation.

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