Man Behind Viral Delta Video Has History of Faking Anti-Muslim Incidents


The Muslim-American man who posted a video of himself being kicked off a Delta flight — allegedly for speaking to his mother in Arabic on the phone — also has a history of creating hoax videos purporting to detail anti-Muslim discrimination.

Back in 2014, Adam Saleh created a video called “RACIAL PROFILING EXPERIMENT!” that quickly racked up close to two million views on YouTube. In it, Saleh purported to get in a fight with a friend in front of a police officer in Western-style clothing, and then reenacted the same fight dressed in traditional Muslim garb. Police supposedly only intervened when the men looked like Muslims.

There were some obvious clues the video was suspect (“Why are you dressed like that?” the “police officer” shouts at one point).  But a handful of liberal outlets fell for the video, and even the The Council on American-Islamic Relations passed it along thinking it was legitimate.

Only after The Smoking Gun ran an exposé calling the video an “obvious hoax” did Saleh add the following to the video description: “This video is a Dramatization of previous events that occurred with us in our tradition clothing while filming in NYC.” But today, that disclaimer has been removed and the video is still being passed off as legitimate.

UPDATE 7:11 p.m. EST: Delta has issued a follow-up statement obtained by Mediaite’s sister site LawNewz finding that Saleh was being disruptive:

Based on the information collected to date, it appears the customers who were removed sought to disrupt the cabin with provocative behavior, including shouting. This type of conduct is not welcome on any Delta flight.

UPDATE 9:37 p.m. EST: Saleh responded in a tweet tonight:

Watch above, via YouTube.

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