When David Dao Was Dragged Off a United Flight, Ann Coulter Called For His Deportation

Delta’s Response to Ann Coulter’s Tweetstorm Perfectly Sums Up Problems in Today’s Political Discourse

Tucker Carlson Blasts ‘Activist’ Brian Stelter For ‘Disseminating’ Viral Delta Video

Did CNN’s Brian Stelter Help Make the Unsubstantiated Delta Video Go Viral By Retweeting It?

REPORT: Passengers on Delta Flight Disputing Adam Saleh’s Story About Phone Call

Man Behind Viral Delta Video Has History of Faking Anti-Muslim Incidents

Social Media is Viciously Ripping Delta Apart After Allegedly Removing Arabic-Speaking Passengers

Trump Voter Who Called Airplane Passengers ‘Hillary Bitches’ Banned from Delta

Delta Airlines Apologizes After Passenger’s Pro-Trump Tirade Goes Viral

‘We Got Some Hillary Bitches On Here?’: Passenger Disrupts Flight With Pro-Trump Rant

Delta Bans Use of Planes to Ship Animal Trophies Amid Cecil the Lion Outrage

Delta’s Newest Safety Video Crams in Literally Every Single Internet Meme Ever

Delta’s Facebook Page Breached with ’10 Reasons Why Girls Don’t Give Blowjobs’

Plane Diverted over Passenger Listening to Loud Music, Invoking Ferguson

Delta CEO: ‘You Really Can’t Catch Ebola on an Airplane’

LISTEN: Testy Exchange Between Delta Pilot and Air Traffic Controller

Delta Tweets and Deletes Seriously Inaccurate World Cup Image

Delta + Food & Wine Magazine = Celebrity Chefs In Your Planes

Last Call: This Ain’t Your Normal “Barbecue Shack Flying A Confederate Flag” Story

Would You Eat Plane Food If Michelle Bernstein Was Cooking It?

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