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Man Suing Ritz-Carlton for Enabling Him to Get Into Bed With Sleeping 9-Year-Old

A man is suing the Ritz-Carlton in Clayton, Missouri for negligence after he was charged with molestation during a stay at their hotel. He was found not guilty.

Daniel Hughes was out drinking a few years ago. When he returned to his hotel, he asked the people at the front desk for a key. He now claims that they gave him the wrong key, which is how he ended up walking into a room that wasn’t his and getting into bed with a 9-year-old, according to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

This contradicts the claims made by the young girl and prosecutors in 2011. They say that he got into bed wearing only his underwear, then touched her in a sexual way.

He was acquitted in the criminal case for molestation, but his lawyer insisted that the damage to the reputation of the former executive at Enterprise is insurmountable. In fact, his lawyer is still claiming a lot of things. First, from The Post-Dispatch, the lawyer’s explanation of why Hughes got into bed with the child:

[He] told jurors his client was drunk and only cuddled the girl, thinking he was in bed with a woman he’d been out drinking with earlier.

Now, per Fox 2, his explanation of what hotel staff should have done with and for his client:

They must check I.D. That is fundamental. Even at the Motel 6 they check your I.D. before they give you a key. This is the Ritz Carlton, for crying out loud! It is fundamental that when someone comes down asking for a key, they don`t give a key to just anybody. They check your I.D.

On a phone call with Fox 2, he also said that a guard should have accompanied Hughes. Hughes is suing because his life, he says, has been ruined.

It’s not a good month for hotels.

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