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Manhattan’s West Side Pier Engulfed In Flames, Fire’s Origin Unclear (Update)

A massive fire has erupted at Pier 97 at West 57th Street and West Side Highway in Manhattan, currently at three-alarm status and counting. While the cause of the fire is as yet unknown, the warehouse is known to belong to the Department of Sanitation and it is suspected a barge holding diesel fuel has been set on fire.

West Side Highway has been shut down, and firefighters have been deployed to handle the situation.

NBC New York has a live video feed of the fire, and we’ll update if any news comes in of the cause [Update: now that the fire is under control, video is removed).

UPDATE (4:25 PM): NBC reports “there had been not been any reports of injuries from the three-alarm fire, the New York Fire Department told NBC News. One-hundred thirty-eight firefighters had been dispatched to the scene. Two Marine units were also fighting the fire, according to the Fire Department.”

UPDATE (5:57 PM): The fire seems to have been contained, and no injuries have been reported. The cause of the fire is still unknown.
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