‘Many Massacres’: East Aleppo Resident Gives Harrowing Interview While Bombs Drop Outside


A resident of East Aleppo gave a chilling live Skype interview to Al Jazeera English to discuss the state of the endless bombings, and in doing so the audio for the interview picked up multiple blasts in the background to illustrate the exact danger at hand.

Abdulkafi Al-Hamdu told Al Jazeera, “You can’t imagine what life’s like now,” while inside his home in Aleppo, where pro-Syrian forces and a range of rebel groups have continued bombing without rest. As another round of blasts are heard in the background, Al-Hamdu reassures the correspondent that it is, unfortunately, very normal.

“I want to tell you that this is what’s going on here now,” he said. “It’s horrific.” He estimated that “dozens” of blasts rock his neighborhood in only fifteen minutes.

He recounted just some of the unfathomable challenges facing the residents of Aleppo. “My neighborhood is so crowded with people and those people now are followed by death. Here now they are being killed and now many massacres… about four massacres in the morning in my neighborhood. And now, more and more,” he harrowingly told Al Jazeera.

Supplies are scarce in the region where hundreds of thousands have been displaced as a result of the ongoing Syrian civil crisis. Meanwhile, aerial bombardments of homes, apartment complexes and other civilian pockets — like where Al-Hamdu’s home is — have continued at a startling rate.

The city of Aleppo was once the largest in Syria; today, it is virtually unrecognizable. The UN secretary-general for humanitarian affairs Stephen O’Brien earlier this year referred to Aleppo as, “the apex of horror at its most horrific extent.”

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