Marco Rubio Slams NY Times For Attacking Him with ‘Castro Regime’s Propaganda’


Florida Republican Senator and presidential candidate Marco Rubio blasted The New York Times Monday on Twitter, accusing them of attacking him using Cuban propaganda.

The New York Times on Monday ran a story noting that Rubio was not well-liked in Cuba, the country his parents were born in. Originally published as ‘Little Affinity for Marco Rubio in Cuba, Despite Family Roots,” at some point the Times’ headline was switched to “Marco Rubio Is Hardly a Hero in Cuba. He Likes That.”

Rubio’s tweets also mocked the Times for their much-derided story attacking his finances, which called his paltry family boat a “luxury speedboat”:

Oddly enough, the Times openly admits that negative perceptions of Republican candidates in Cuba stems from the regime’s Communist propaganda. “[F]or all of Jeb Bush’s closeness to the Cuban-American community of Florida, people here think he is either his father or his brother, caricatured in the Museum of the Revolution as Caesar and a Nazi storm trooper holding a book upside down,” they note.

And later:

The uniformity of opinion that Mr. Rubio accurately describes may owe something to Granma, an eight-page state-controlled tabloid that is the country’s leading paper. Mr. Montiel, for instance, gestured at the newspaper spread open on his lap and said, “I’m informed.” He then pointed to an article linking the C.I.A. to a notorious Cuban-American extremist suspected of blowing up a Cuban airplane filled with passengers in 1976. “Bad, bad, bad,” he said.


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