Maria Bartiromo Hedges on Nazi Violence: ‘Antifa Was Also Charging’


Early birds watching Fox Business this morning were treated to some unfiltered Maria Bartiromo. The subject was Nazis.

As her Mornings With Maria panel dissected the president’s bonkers press conference yesterday, Bartiromo (sort of) came to the president’s defense and insisted that Nazis and Klan members notwithstanding, “Antifa was also charging.”

“The idea that you cannot acknowledge the fact that the other side, ANTIFA, was also charging at the supremacists with clubs. Can we not just have an honest conversation about that as well,” she said.

She quickly hedged by adding that she knew that now was “not the time.” That claim tracked closely to the president’s remarks yesterday.

Pollster Lee Carter was on hand to explain why that position was a minority viewpoint.

“I think that the problem is right now that when you’ve got a leaking bucket, you’ve gotta plug the leak. The leaking bucket right now is racism. The leaking bucket right now is white supremacism”

— File that under, D’uh?

“It matters that you are addressing the value that you are primarily offending. The most offensive thing that is happening right now is people are being judged by the color of their skin, their religion and saying you are not good enough and that is not America. That is not what the Declaration of Independence is about that is not why we fought the Revolutionary War … that’s not why our grandparents fought World War II”

Not bad Pollster Lee Carter — maybe even Mediate winner material.

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