Nicolle Wallace: Donald Trump’s Nazi Apologia Has ‘Disgraced’ the Country


Joe Scarborough returned Wednesday to the show which bears his name, but it was Nicolle Wallace who stole the moment in the program’s first hour,

In the opening minutes, Wallace delivered a blistering broadside against Donald Trump in response to his off-the-rails press conference from Trump Tower on Tuesday. During remarks that were supposed to be exclusively about infrastructure, Trump returned back to his “from many sides” position regarding the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Wallace began by casually telling the entire Trump cabinet to resign.

“If they don’t resign en masse this morning, they’re forever tainted with the stench of what he did yesterday,” she said. “The ship has long sailed where any one of them can justify to outside audiences that they stay because the threats to our nation are so grave … I guess that was one thing when he was simply talking about grabbing women between the legs.”


It continued, with Wallace ultimately concluding that Trump has “disgraced” the Republican party and the country.

“But he’s now given safe harbor to Nazis, to white supremacists, what he’s done now is something you can’t put back in the toothpaste tube,” she said. “He’s so disgraced not just the Republican party, but the country. People with kids can’t watch T.V. with their kids anymore. I was on a Jet Blue plane, my son said ‘mommy why did they drive into a crowd full of people’ and I said sometimes good guys get hurt fighting the villains. There are not two sides in this. There are hideous, hateful enemies of America, enemies of freedom and there were people exercising their free speech, but he’s a disgrace.”

Trump’s presser was reportedly precipitated by his annoyance at media coverage he has received since the weekend violence — and on that score, we can only hazard to speculate about this question from CNN’s Brian Stelter.

“If Trump lashed out today because he was angry about media coverage of the past few days, imagine what he’s going to say after this coverage.”

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