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Mark Levin Calls Brian Stelter ‘A True Sleaze Ball’ After CNN Host Slams Right for Smearing Kavanaugh Accuser

Conservative Radio host Mark Levin was not happy that CNN’s Brian Stelter slammed the right’s response to the accusations made against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

In fact, he called Stelter “a true sleaze ball.”

Levin also vowed “to address Brian Stelter’s contemptible propaganda on [the] radio tomorrow.”

Levin’s tweet, which links to an earlier Mediaite report, is referring to comments Stelter made slamming the “right-wing smear machine” and flagging Mark Levin and other “other bright lights of the right” for spreading false narratives.

Stelter explained more about why Levin blew up in a tweet responding to the sleaze ball remarks.

Ford is set to testify in a public hearing on Thursday before Congress in the matter. She has received death threats and has been forced from her home since her accusations were made public.

Watch Stelter’s comments above, via CNN

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