Mark Levin Supports ‘Decriminalizing’ Weed: Student With Joint ‘Shouldn’t Have Criminal Record’

During his radio show Thursday evening, Mark Levin declared that he supports the decriminalization of marijuana as a pragmatic reform because young adults caught with a “joint” should not have a criminal record for a small victimless crime.

While discussing with a guest the increase in support for legalizing marijuana within the Republican Party itself, Levin explained:

“My attitude is… I don’t think a high school student or a college student that has — I don’t even know what to call it — a joint, should have a criminal record. I think there are things we can do about it. So I’m not in favor of legalizing; but I am in favor of decriminalizing in certain instances and under certain conditions. That much is true.”

After dabbling with the surprising stance, Levin noted that he didn’t want to go much further into the topic, lest the “dope heads” call in all excited and shout “Yeah, yeah, that’s right!”

Despite his reticence to discuss the topic, Levin’s support for what seems to be highly-conditional decriminalization at least somewhat reflects the shift in public opinion over the last several years. Recent polling shows support for marijuana legalization at around 56 percent; and the trend will only increase as sensibilities change and people recognize that ham-fisted prohibition didn’t work then and it sure ain’t working now.

Listen below, as clipped by MofoPolitics:

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